20161105_103418As the webmaster, I would like to welcome you to our newly designed website. Yeah, it’s about time. The original site was developed with technology Microsoft abandoned almost as soon as it was developed in the early’90s. I felt it was important to re-engineer the site so it could be administered by (almost) anyone and hosted by a nationally recognized company who could perform the periodic maintenance and assure uptime when I’m out of town or the country. With the board’s agreement, I’ve chosen WordPress as the hosting company and site development tool.

Depending on the vagarities of life, we’ll be posting stories about the Chapter and individual activities right here. The site will soon have a new home but the same URL. It will no longer be subject to power outages at Bill’s house or his absence.

If you have something to contribute, send it to the webmaster or the current secretary or Chapter President. All content is subject to approval.

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