1. Our Spokane meeting is just one month out – here’s a reminder on our date and location.

Our Spokane lunch has been booked at:
Timber Creek Grill Buffet, 9211 East Montgomery Ave. Spokane, WA.
Date: Saturday, September 15th. Time: 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM.
POC’s:  Dennis or Sean at 509-892-6390.

Spokane Area Members –  We had a wonderful guest speaker at our June meeting. Is there any chance that you can line us up with someone from your area who can give us a 15-minute talk? Let me know, please. If not, I may ask a VFW acquaintance who lives in Spokane.

  1. The attached photo is a repeat from our June photo in the last Aviator Magazine. It is with great sadness that I am passing on that we have lost a Life Member. Frank Jones was at our Olympia Airshow meeting Saturday, June 16th. He is the Gentleman in the white shirt immediately behind our Chapter Banner. He was on the top-side of 90 and began flying before I was born. Frank flew in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Frank was a Life Member of the VFW, the VHPA, and the CHPA. Frank was on Staff with a Colonel who served on GEN McArthur’s Staff. He entered Flight School near the end of WWII and had a long adventurous career. Following his memorial, I joined Frank’s family at their home and saw a photo of Frank flying the first UH-1 Helicopter that the Army had accepted from Bell Helicopter to test fly. Rest in Peace Sir.
    Chapter meeting at the Olympia Airport


  2. A few notes on a possible April Meeting: As mentioned previously, I got an email from Al Major in Bellingham who asks about us having a chapter meeting north of Everett. I had planned on bringing this up again at our Spokane meeting but was advised that I should canvass our whole group, not just those who will be in Spokane. I have had nine members contact me so far, all of whom have said that it’s a good idea. So I’m looking into it. Our proposed date will be Saturday, April 20th. At the Tulalip Casino in Marysville Washington. I have dined here several times and it’s quite extraordinary. And there are many other businesses near here to check out after our time at the Casino.

Again, this is in the planning phase – I will have more info to pass on at our Spokane meeting.

See you in Spokane on Saturday, September 15th.

Best Regards,
Mel Latham  360-890-1798