Since its inception, the Chapter has marched in the annual Auburn Veteran’s Day parade held around Veteran’s Day in early November. This is one of the largest Veterans Day Parades in the country, with veterans groups from all services, High School Marching Bands, military units, and patriotic supporters participating from all over the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

Thanks to hard work by its members and the Olympic Flight Museum, the Chapter has been able to tow a replica of a UH-1H aircraft in the parade —to the delight of the cheering men, women, and children who come to support their veterans.

Dan Fox, one of our members has been so kind as to provide us with professionally produced videos of the Auburn Parades.

2017: Auburn Veteran’s Day Parade — November 11, 2017

2016: Auburn Veterans Day Parade – November 9, 2016 

2013: Auburn Veterans Day Parade – November 9, 2013

2022: Auburn Veterans Day Parade — November 5, 2022

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