2018  Officers

President:Dave Swansondesch47@hotmail.com
Vice President:Hal Thorton hnbthorn@aol.com

Members at At Large

Senior:Hal Thorntonhnbthorn@aol.com
Midterm:Alex Browmenalexbromen1@comcast.net
Junior (Communications):Doug Decker


Secretary:Bob Salling
Treasurer:John Shafer206-324-4936johnshafercpa@comcast.net
Web Master/Photos:  Bill Vaughn


John Combs
Sgt at Arms:John Combs
Parade CoordinatorPat Staeheli253-859-4185pgstaeheli@yahoo.com
Chaplin:Padre Francis Jeffery253-588-3478fjeffery@aol.com
Alternate Web Master(Open position)

Electronic mail
Webmaster: William Vaughn (Redmond, WA), Rick Walker 
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