Our summer meeting will be on Saturday, June 16th, at 1100-1400 at the Olympia Airport in the Glacier Air hanger located to the east of the museum.

As usual, the meeting will coincide with the spectacular Olympic Air Show which includes (along with great hot dogs), vintage  Vietnam-war era helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. We’re encouraged to dress so the public recognizes us as former pilots. The UH1 will be on display and we’ll be asked to help answer questions from those members of the public who attend.


Generally, the chapter meets three times a year in western Washington and once in eastern Washington. Watch this page for dates.

  • In February, we meet at Famous Dave’s Barbeque in Tacoma.
  • In June, we meet at the Olympic Flight Museum in Olympia in conjunction with the Air Show.
  • In August, we meet in Eastern Washington in the Spokane area.
  • In November around Veteran’s Day, we march in the Auburn Veterans Day parade with a short meeting beforehand.

Other community events are scheduled on an ad hoc basis—details are discussed at the meetings and broadcast on these pages.

A Look Ahead

  • We need nominations and you can nominate yourself, for Junior Member at Large and Vice-President.Automatically, the current Vice-President becomes the President, Mid-term Member at Large becomes Senior Member at Large, the Junior Member at Large becomes the Mid-term Member at Large.