The next meeting will be at the Auburn Veterans Day Parade, Saturday, November 10, 2018. We will be marching alongside (and in) the restored UH-1H Huey provided by the Olympic Flight Museum. The parade is the largest this side of the Mississippi and has units from all over the country and region. In past years, it’s been well attended by thousands of people anxious to show their appreciation to our veterans.

Suggested attire: VHPA-WA jackets and shirts, caps or former military unit caps, khaki or tan trousers. We may not all be in uniform, but let’s look sharp and proud of our service. Those unable to march are welcome to ride in the Huey or in the tow vehicle.

  • 0800-0900: Optional Breakfast with the American Legion at the Auburn Senior Center 808 9th St SE. ($6)
  • 0930: Gather at the holding area located at H St. and East Main in downtown Auburn. A brief business meeting will be held as we wait for the parade to begin.
  • 1100: Parade begins.  We march alongside the Huey and look sharp.
  • 1300: Parade ends. We help tear down and stow the parade gear and disburse.

    Questions, please contact Pat Staeheli (253) 859-4185.

Generally, the chapter meets three times a year in western Washington and once in eastern Washington. Watch this page for dates.

  • In February, we meet at Famous Dave’s Barbeque in Tacoma.
  • In June, we meet at the Olympic Flight Museum in Olympia in conjunction with the Air Show.
  • In August, we meet in Eastern Washington in the Spokane area.
  • In November around Veteran’s Day, we march in the Auburn Veterans Day parade with a short meeting beforehand.

Other community events are scheduled on an ad hoc basis—details are discussed at the meetings and broadcast on these pages.

A Look Ahead

  • We need nominations and you can nominate yourself, for Junior Member at Large and Vice-President. Automatically, the current Vice-President becomes the President, Mid-term Member at Large becomes Senior Member at Large, the Junior Member at Large becomes the Mid-term Member at Large.