The next meeting will be held in Spokane on September 15th 10:30 to 13:00.

Timber Creek Grill Buffet, 9211 East Montgomery Ave. Spokane, WA.

POC’s:  Dennis or Sean at 509-892-6390.

Generally, the chapter meets three times a year in western Washington and once in eastern Washington. Watch this page for dates.

  • In February, we meet at Famous Dave’s Barbeque in Tacoma.
  • In June, we meet at the Olympic Flight Museum in Olympia in conjunction with the Air Show.
  • In August, we meet in Eastern Washington in the Spokane area.
  • In November around Veteran’s Day, we march in the Auburn Veterans Day parade with a short meeting beforehand.

Other community events are scheduled on an ad hoc basis—details are discussed at the meetings and broadcast on these pages.

A Look Ahead

  • We need nominations and you can nominate yourself, for Junior Member at Large and Vice-President.Automatically, the current Vice-President becomes the President, Mid-term Member at Large becomes Senior Member at Large, the Junior Member at Large becomes the Mid-term Member at Large.